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My debut at poker

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Selling PTR 4
  Sacr3D, Jul 21 2013

Selling PTR4 (full holdem version) for 85$ (regular price is 99$, send me a PM if interested. Will accept stars money.

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Looking for study partners
  Sacr3D, Apr 09 2013

I really need to improve my game and take the game seriously. I have skype and ptr. So far I only play NL10 and occasionally random MTTs for fun.

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So far so good
  Sacr3D, Aug 30 2012

So I finally played 10 000 hands at Zoom NL10. Roll still going up. I can't wait for NL25. As soon as I get 20bi I'm switching. I hear that NL25 is same as NL10 anyway. The regs at this game seem to reraise like insane. Especially BTN vs BB vs SB, kinda annoying but whatever. I'm pretty sure I'm just being paranoid and they're actually not rr as wide as I think. I broke even for 3000 hands which was very annoying. I forgot how titling the game could be some times.Let's see what the future brings.

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